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Rachel Weaver, MFA, Author, Writing Mentor, Editor


Are you lost in the gray area between a first draft and a finished draft? Do you need to breathe some life back into your writing project? Do you have an idea for a book you’ve always wanted to write? 

I offer mentoring and editing for both fiction and non-fiction writers of all genres.  I work with writers to support and guide them through any stage of writing a book, from generating ideas and getting organized, all the way through polishing the final draft and sending it out to agents and publishing houses.

As a result of being a dedicated, working writer myself, as an editor, I am committed to not only identifying problem areas in your work, but helping you figure out how to solve them from a writer's perspective.   

Editing on individual chapters, partial or full manuscripts includes:

  • Extensive comments regarding plot, characterization, dialogue, flow, overall structure, readability, point of view and scene work   
  • An examination of character motivations, conflict and dramatic tension
  • An examination of cohesive themes, cohesive chapters and a solid story arc
  • An overall evaluation to summarize impressions, identify problems and address what it will take to move the book or chapter through the next draft

Editorial comments on a full length manuscript are anywhere from 15-40 pages in length and address problem areas on both a macro and micro level. 

For those writers who have a portion or all of their text written, I offer a free edit of the first 10 pages so that the writer can determine if I am a good fit for his or her project. 

I can be reached at

The benefits of working with a writing coach:

  • Saves time by streamlining the drafting process
  • Is much cheaper than graduate school
  • You will learn the craft of writing in an environment that is specifically tailored to you
  • Committing to working with a writing coach is a big step toward committing to yourself and to finishing your book

"Rachel is an exceptionally talented novelist able to turn a beautifully poetic phrase. Along with this right-brained ability that allows her to offer keen observation and insight into your writing, she’s also skilled at left-brained critique. Rachel provides essential feedback on narrative arc, chapter structure, and the nuts-and-bolts process of writing a book. I’ve worked with Rachel for over two years and have been continually impressed with her as a colleague, critic, and instructor. I highly recommend her as a writing coach."

                                      -Jean Weiss, award-winning journalist

"Rachel's laser-focused editing skills can take a writing project from good to great. She's adept at working with writers on fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, short story, essay and more, and just might say the five or six things you need to finish your manuscript and get published."

                                     -Michelle Theall, represented by ICM Literary Agency
                                        Founder / Editor Women's Adventure Magazine,
Director of the Creative Conferences

"A fantastic writing coach and editor, Rachel has been super supportive and helpful to me in getting my own writing going and helping to remove blocks, and she also has lots of good ideas for developing character, structure and plot."
                                    -Deborah J Fryer, PhD, Lila Films Inc.


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